Attachments - Tags

For the standard range of guns there is a choice of the popular and cost effective polypropylene attachments or the added strength of the Dennison nylon extra strong.
The fine needle Fastacher Fine gun has just the one quality of attachment, available in 25mm length.

40mm Standard Polypropylene Tags Box of 5,000
Code: TG140
Price: 4.25 (Pack of 1)
25mm Dennison Tags Box of 5,000
Code: TG425
Price: 7.50 BX5K
40mm Dennison Tags Box of 5,000
Code: TG440
Price: 7.50 1box 5k
19mm Hook Attachments Box of 5,000
Code: TG501
Price: 10.00 BX5K
R-Tag 15mm Polypropylene Attachments
Code: TG615
Price: 2.50 BX5K
R-Tag 25mm Polypropylene Attachments
Code: TG625
Price: 2.50 BX5K
R-Tag 40mm Polypropylene Attachments
Code: TG640
Price: 2.75 BX5K
R-Tag 65mm Polypropylene Attachments
Code: TG665
Price: 2.75 BX5K
R-Tag 25mm Nylon Attachments
Code: TG825
Price: 5.25 BX5K
R-Tag 40mm Nylon Attachments
Code: TG840
Price: 5.30 BX5K
R-Tag 40mm Polypropylene Hook Attachments
Code: TG925
Price: 7.50 BX5K


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