Tagging Gun

Tagging guns attach tickets to garments with plastic tags preventing ticket switching. They are quick and simple to use. The standard range of guns, Economy, TG Tacher, Tachit 2 and Dennison MkIII are supplied fitted with a standard needle ready for general use.

The fine needle Fastacher Fine gun is similar to the standard guns but makes a smaller hole, it uses fine attachments and is ideal for delicate fabrics.

TG Tacher Tagging Gun
Code: TG100
Price: 12.50 each
Standard Needle, Pk of 5
Code: TG101
Price: 6.00 (Pack of 5)
Standard Needle Lock, Pk of 5
Code: TG104
Price: 4.50 (Pack of 5)
Tachit 2 Tagging Gun
Code: TG300
Price: 30.00 each
Dennison Needle, Pk of 5
Code: TG401
Price: 9.00 EACH
Dennison Needle Lock, Pk of 5
Code: TG402
Price: 4.50 (Pack of 1)
Dennison MkIII Tagging Gun
Code: TG410
Price: 8.00 STD
R-Tag Standard Gauge Tagging Gun
Code: TG900
Price: 6.00 each
R-Tag Replacement Needles - Pack of 5
Code: TG901
Price: 2.50 (Pack of 1)
R-Tag Replacement Needle Lock - Pack of 5
Code: TG904
Price: 2.00 (Pack of 5)


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