Easels and Struts

Clear Acrylic Easels

ACP56 75mm (3") high.

ACP57 150mm (6") high.

ACP58 225mm (9") high.

Acrylic Easel - 75mm high
Code: ACP56
Price: 2.75 (Pack of 1)
Acrylic Easel - 150mm
Code: ACP57
Price: 3.30 (Pack of 1)
Acrylic Easel - 225mm
Code: ACP58
Price: 3.80 (Pack of 1)
Acrylic Bookstand 200mm high
Code: ACP212
Price: 3.75 Each
White Plasticised Wire Strut 50mm high
Code: HP1
Price: 0.65 (Pack of 1)
White Plasticised Wire Strut 75mm high
Code: HP3
Price: 0.70 (Pack of 1)
White Plasticised Wire Strut 100mm high
Code: HP4
Price: 1.00 (Pack of 1)
White Plasticised Wire Strut 150mm high
Code: HP6
Price: 1.10 (Pack of 1)
Wooden Plate Stand
Code: WDPR
Price: 5.95 each


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