Economy Bust Forms & Accessories

Verstile display form in tough unbreakable plastic can be used with or without stand. They come in natural off-white or black finishes

White Female Display Form - Sultan
Code: MB408
Price: 32.50 each
Female Body Form Large Breast
Code: MB413
Price: 30.50 each
White Female Economy Bust
Code: MB405
Price: 15.00 each
White Male Economy Bust
Code: MB406
Price: 15.00 each
Female Off-White Display Form -Yarasa
Code: MB409
Price: 30.50 each
Male Off-White Display Form - Hercules
Code: MB412
Price: 32.50 each
4-6 years Off-white Childs Display Form
Code: MB403
Price: 11.00 each
7-8 years Off-white Childs Display Form
Code: MB404
Price: 13.50 each
4-6 years White Childs Legs Display
Code: MB420
Price: 15.50 each
Black Female Economy Bust
Code: MB400
Price: 15.00 each
Black Male Economy Bust
Code: MB401
Price: 15.00 each
Neck Stand black to fit MB407 & 411
Code: MB470
Price: 45.00 EACH

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