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Accessories Spinner Additional Arm
Code: WI350ASP
Price: 0.40 Each
integra Sloping 16 Notched Display Arm
Code: WS112
Price: 6.00 (Pack of 1)
integra Sloping 12 Notch Arm
Code: WS392
Price: 5.00 (Pack of 1)
Perforated Metal Shelf 1000mm wide, Black
Code: WS6071B
Price: 12.00 (Pack of 1)
Retractable Belt Barrier post, Black Belt
Code: MI325B
Price: 40.00 EACH
Clip-on Showcase Lock, Chrome Finish
Code: SE106
Price: 2.50 EACH
Battery Operated Internal Dummy Camera
Code: CCD4
Price: 19.50 (Pack of 1)
Battery Operated Dome Dummy Camera
Code: CCD6
Price: 19.50 (Pack of 1)


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